Is Shemale a Derogatory Term?

Is Shemale a Derogatory Term?

by Alec Jaye, Your Shemale Pick-Up Wingman

Is shemale a derogatory term?Jason asks, “is shemale a derogatory term?” He went on to explain that he met a beautiful trans woman at a local nightclub. While chatting with this woman everything was going great until Jason mentioned the word “shemale.” He didn’t mean anything bad. By using the wrong terminology his date was over before it began. The advice I’m about to give you may be one of the most important tips you ever receive regarding personal interaction with shemales and trans women.

“Never call a trans woman a shemale”

Just don’t do it. There are plenty of other ways to refer to her. Simply “she” and “her” are generally a safe choices. Don’t make it awkward. Just refer to her in female pronouns and she will share with you how she identifies if she chooses to do so. She might actually tell you that she’s a crossdresser, a transexual, a shemale, etc. Remember, the term shemale is used pretty much exclusively by workers in the sex industry such as escorts and porn stars.

You will likely find that the trans women who identify as transexual, crossdresser or transgender recoil at the term shemale. “Why” you might ask and I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal to you but try to imagine yourself in their situation for just a moment. They have to deal with all the societal judgment about their identity, which many consider to simply be a lifestyle choice. They have been judged, ridiculed, abused and cast out. The last thing they want is for their gender identity to be associated with sex workers. Once again, I realize you’re probably thinking, “what’s so wrong with sex workers?” Usually nothing, but it is a matter of perception and identity for these trans women.

Now, take this knowledge and spin it around! By showing that you understand and can empathize (to an extent) with her situation, you become less threatening and you get through the wall that she keeps up to protect her emotional well-being. I have found that trans women of all types respond much better once they let this guard down. That’s when she goes from being apprehensive to accepting your romantic advances. Excellent!

Now That You Know Shemale is a Derogatory Term…

Now you understand why many consider shemale a derogatory term and how to safely navigate that topic.

Don’t be the awkward guy that always says and does the wrong things! This is an important page so you might want to read it again and give some thought to my advice. I know you mean no disrespect by using the term shemale, but try to understand why she might. Go look at the local trans dating profiles to see if you spot any local shemale hotties. Then go read my pick-up tips article where to meet shemales. Everything here is absolutely free and knowing these nuances may make the difference between success and failure!


Am I Gay If I’m Attracted to Shemales?

Am I Gay If I’m Attracted to Shemales?

Am I gay if I like shemales?

by Alec Jaye, Your Shemale Pick-Up Wingman

“Am I gay if I am attracted to shemales?” Probably not!
“Am I gay if I like shemales?”  Probably not.!

“Am I gay if I have sex with shemales? Probably not!

These are all basically the same question and it occurs to a lot of men who are attracted to shemales.

Am I gay if I’m attracted to shemales is one of the most frequently asked questions by straight guys who find they are sexually attracted to shemales. I have to tell you right up front that this fascination with trans women is exceptionally popular, despite what many might believe. In speaking with a prominent (heterosexual) adult webmaster, I made the remark that shemales are a largely underserved niche on the Internet. He (quite correctly) pointed out. Shemales are no longer a niche. They are mainstream!

Am I gay if I am attracted to pre-op shemales?

Before you rip up your membership card to the straight heterosexual dudes club, let’s take a closer look at the question and the motivations behind attraction to shemales. Let’s face it. We’re brought up in a macho world where it can be quite difficult to stray from the vanilla mainstream ways that are socially acceptable for “real men.” So let’s tackle that question, “am I gay if I am attracted to pre-op shemales?” Well, not particularly. Ask yourself, what are you attracted to? Are you attracted to the female form and you’re able to look past the biological gender? That doesn’t quite qualify as gay. Even if you have no problem dealing with or find yourself attracted to the shemale penis, that still doesn’t make you gay. Would you have sex with a guy wearing a plaid shirt and a long beard? If so, then maybe you’re bisexual or something.

The reality is that being gay is a state of being. It is of your essence. You can’t pray it away and you can’t ignore it — for it is a part of your very being. If you’re gay, you are attracted to men, plain and simple. Bisexual guys are somewhere in between with attraction to both genders. Honestly, it’s just fine to be gay if that’s what you are but simply being attracted to a gorgeous shemale hardly makes you gay.

If you adore shemales…

My advice is to enjoy yourself. Be safe and be respectful to your partners. Most of all, don’t get hung up on stereotypes and outdated social norms. Go have fun and don’t apologize to anyone for having the courage and intelligence to step outside the boundaries of normal life.

I hope I help relieve your concerns about what you’re gay if you are attracted to shemales. When you’re ready, I might suggest that you take a look at my guide, where to meet shemales. Then you can go look at the local trans dating profiles to see if you spot any local shemale hotties.