Where to Meet Shemales

Shemale pick-up tips with Alec Jayeby Alec Jaye, Your Shemale Pick-Up Wingman

Where to meet shemales is probably my #1 most asked question. Perhaps you found this site because you’re searching for information about where you can meet shemales. These days, your sexy shemale dates could be just about anywhere. Let’s talk a bit and demystify the process of meeting a shemale in real life. You see, shemales are all around, both in the real world, and on the Internet. You may find her in an online chat room, on a social media site, at a local nightclub or even shopping in your local grocery store. The fact is that you never know where you might run into a shemale but I’m going to give you pointers to find her much faster than the guys that are out there embarrassing themselves with awkward advances or pick up lines.  Let’s get you prepared so you will be ready to meet a shemale when the opportunity presents itself.

Where to Meet Shemales – Online

You can meet shemales online quite easily these days. There are shemale chat rooms, shemale pages and groups on social media sites and shemale dating sites. The Internet has become a goldmine for meeting shemales, especially when you know how to fine-tune your search. I’m going to give you some great starting points to meet a shemale. You are well advised to conduct an online search for shemale sites of interest to you. What’s your pleasure? Black shemales. Asian shemales. Dominatrix shemales. Pre-op. Hey, we’re not judgy — we love them too!

Meet Shemales in Chat Rooms

One of the fastest ways to meet shemales online is in chat rooms that are set up especially for the trans crowd. These chat rooms are usually free so if you’re on a budget this method may prove especially helpful. This is a great way to make new friends, search for local shemales and learn more about the lifestyle. You can learn a whole lot by just sitting back and watching the chat. Then, when you’re comfortable, engage in some polite chat to get things started. You’ll quickly learn about terminology, gender pronouns and all that. You’ll probably find they don’t especially care to be called shemales. Don’t be put off. While they may act prudish in front of their trans friends, they are certainly naughty in the bedroom! When you find a shemale chat with genuine members, you might want to check in occasionally so the regulars get to know you. Let them know what you’re looking for. Hell, they may set you up when you least expect it.

Shemale Chat Rooms: 
Trans Chatr – Free shemale chat rooms.
TG Talk – a well-established trans chat site.
TG Guide – transgender chat and social media.
Shemale Superstars – Webcams with free and paid chat.

Meet Shemales on Dating Sites

There are several shemale dating sites where meeting shemales will be no problem at all. These dating sites specialize in the transgender community so you’ll find a variety of trans women from all over the world. Some are likely to be reasonably close to you. Most of these sites offer free initial memberships so you can get in and check it out. Go ahead and sign up. Search the listings and see if you see local shemales that interest you. If not, no need to sign up for a membership, at least until you do see your special match. Be sure to check back because new ads are posted daily. If you don’t find a suitable shemale match, don’t give up right away. Check back at least weekly and you may find that you don’t have to wait very long.

I definitely recommend that you create a dating profile of your own on the site. Include some interesting information about yourself. What sets you apart from the rest of these bozos that want to meet shemales? Include a fairly recent photo of yourself. It is generally best to use a photo of you doing something you enjoy such as with your motorcycle, at the ocean, etc. Don’t be afraid to let a little of your glowing personality show through in that profile.

Shemale Friends and Lovers

Be sure to initiate contact with any shemales that interest you. You may not make a romantic connection, but you might find an interesting new friend. Honestly guys, one of my tricks of the trade is to meet shemales and become friends with those that interest me in any way. We may not get around to sex and that’s ok. They have shemale friends and they can introduce me to those friends. Get it — I have a shemale friend introducing me to her friends and vouching for what a great guy I am!

Your first contact with shemales in the dating sites shouldn’t be “what’s up babe” or something lame. Write a note. A paragraph or two. Don’t make it too short or too long. Be polite and mention what attracted you to her profile. Your job is to make an impeccable first impression. Use the private messaging system and don’t divulge too much too soon. Get to know her and be sure she’s genuine and not some hustler from a third-world country trying to scam you out of your money.

Online dating sites are perhaps the easiest way to meet shemales who are down for sexy fun. It’s fast, cheap and you have access to shemales you would never, ever meet in your daily life. Whether you’re interested in sex hookups with no strings attached or a long-term relationship — dating sites can help you find your special romantic connections quickly.

Shemale Dating Sites:
Local Shemale Hookups – Mostly no strings shemale sex hookups; offers free join.
Tranny Connections – A mix of tranny oriented profiles; offers free join.
Trans Dating – Trans dating for transgender and friends; offers free join.
TVTS Dating – TV/TS dating, mostly crossdressers and hookups; offers free join.

Social Networking Sites

There are plenty of shemales on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. Most of us already have social media accounts already. Take a look around to find shemales, pages, groups or channels. If privacy is a concern, you may want to create a new account to use since some of your interactions may be visible to your friends and family. This creates a bit of a challenge with Facebook, as they want all users to only have one account under their real name, however, they have become less strict about this rule in recent years due to user backlash. So why not create your own profile as a shemale (trans) admirer. Be a friend of the community. Set up your profile to be interesting and engaging. Social media is a great form of self-promotion so set yourself up for success from the start. Use the same tips I mentioned above for creating dating profiles. Let your personality show. Share some of your favorite hobbies or interests. Show some interesting photos of you enjoying your pastimes.

Remember not to divulge any personally identifying information until you are ready to do so. It is very important to note that photo searches are now possible so if you use a photo from your main social media account, a person could do an image search and find your original profile which possibly contains your real name. Just be aware of this. I suggest using unique photos for your shemale admirer social media pages.

Social Media Sites
Facebook – an extensive listing of shemale and transgender pages and groups.
Twitter – contains tens of thousands of transgender pages.
Transgender Guide – trans chat, forums, support groups and social networking.
Trans Chatr – transgender chat, personal profiles and trans forums.

Classified Ads

Classified ads were once a great way to meet shemales. That has all changed since Backpage was shut down by the U.S. government. Since then legislation has made legitimate classified sites take down their dating and escort ads. This is no longer a good way to meet shemales. You can still find shemale escort listings in the U.S. but be forewarned. Law enforcement agencies across the United States are using those listings set up sting operations. They generally arrest the johns who believe they’re meeting with a hot shemale for sex (consensual as it might be). Instead, they are arrested, thrown in jail and their photos published in local newspapers and on the Internet for everyone to see.

Even if you’re lucky enough to avoid a sting operation, many shemale escorts are thieves or drug addicts who are looking for a quick buck while others have sexually transmitted diseases. I cannot in good conscience recommend classified sites with escort listings. I have removed all references to such sites from this site. It just isn’t worth it. Spend a few bucks on a dating site or at a local nightclub — or just get on social media for free. It’s so much better than all the risks of an escort site.

Where to Meet Shemales – in Your Local Area

There’s nothing like meeting local shemales so heading out to your local trans-friendly nightclub may be one of your best bets. This is an obvious choice if you’re outgoing and live in a fairly populated city. Another option may be transgender support groups or private social clubs. Let’s talk a bit more about these local area options.

Shemales Nightclubs and Bars

Shemale nightclubs are the most obvious place to meet local shemales. Most smaller cities won’t have a nightclub or bar especially for the trans crowd.  You just have to be creative in your search though. Go to Google and start your search. Many gay bars are now trans friendly. It has become socially unacceptable to exclude the transgender community from gay nightclubs and bars. Many of these establishments have discovered that the trans community brings in extra business. They may go as far as hosting drag shows and transgender community events. If so, this is where you may want to frequent! Check out their websites for clues. Do they list drag shows. Look at their photo galleries. Do they have trans folks in attendance?

A good idea is to just call the bartender on duty and ask, “do you have transgender people at your club?” This is no big deal to them. You’re likely to get an honest, pleasant answer to your question.

Transgender Clubs and Social Groups

Some cities have social clubs or support groups for transgender people and they may allow community friends (evil grin) to attend functions. Do you remember what I said about friends? If you have trans friends, they can get you in the door of these clubs or social group activities. There is nothing to say that a hot shemale hookup can’t happen at a transgender social group gathering. You just have to get out there and check out what’s happening. I suggest you start with a Google search (your best friend) and locate transgender clubs and social groups to see if they have events you might be able to attend.

I hope I’ve given you some helpful ideas on where to meet shemales. I’d love to hear how it goes for you and perhaps I’ll publish your story on my shemale admirers blog.